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Garage doors are available in a variety of materials such as steel, wood, wood composite and custom doors. Specialty door styles such as traditional, contemporary, flush, raised panel and carriage house are available. Materials, trims, colors, windows are available for every budget. Other products include automatic openers and automatic gates. Most materials are available installed or uninstalled. Haul away and recycle services for old garage doors are available.

New and repaired garage doors can improve your homes energy efficiency, boost your homes curb appeal and add value to your home. Garage door repairs include panel replacement, noisy door silencing, replacing hardware, repairing broken cables and springs, broken or bent rollers, door malfunction. Lifetime limited warranties are available which cover defects in workmanship and parts.

Garage door problems are quickly diagnosed so repairs can be made quickly on the first visit. It is important for your garage door to function properly for safety and security as they are the largest and most used home openings. An annual precision maintenance program will help maintain your investment in your garage door and keep you door functioning properly without the need for costly repairs. The 25 point inspection program offers inspection and adjustment of all door parts, electric operator, switches, and lubrication of moving door parts. The preventive inspection program is designed to keep your garage door operating effectively and lessen the chance of mechanical failure.

Whether your garage door has rusted parts, malfunctions, is too noisy or any other repair need, or you just need a new garage door, garage door repair West Seattle WA willfix it right.Whether you have residential or commercial needs, garage door repair will provide high quality service while maintaining professional standards. For more information about garage door repair West Seattle call (206) 452-0105.

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